lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

The irrigation system in the farmhouse

In this picture, we can see a farmhouse.
The people is working in it. The peasants had the harvest and small trades. They had a lot of irrigation systems:

The arabs perfected immensly the technologies of irrigation, turned into the teachers of the hydraulic agricultural technology, took advantage of the Roman systems of irrigation that here they found, and close to the oriental technologies that knew, could achieve an exceptional utilization of the water.

Both traditional still in force systems of irrigation at present come of the Moslem epoch, besides the channelings of the water ó irrigation ditches, for which it was traversing the water of the rivers or of the springs, being served the differences of the soil. In the utilization of the fluvial waters they used the dams or preys, and the alquezares or cuts. To catch underground waters wells and a few perforated galleries were in use, applying technologies of oriental origin.

Also there used technologies of drainage and desiccation of them go and swampy lands especially in Castellón's zone. So much the waters of the rivers as of the wells and the galleries could take advantage using wheels elevators that were allowing to take the water up to a pond wherefrom the irrigation ditches and the channels were going out. Among these wheels there were those who were moving themselves directly for the current of the water, which were working with the force of an animal, or those of balance beam.

jueves, 21 de enero de 2010