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Martin Luther and The Counter-Reformation

Martin Luther and the German Reformation


(a) Describe the event that is taking place in the source shown on the right.
He is hanking a sign.

(b)Mention one immediate consequence of this event.
The excomunication because the religios life of the high-ranking was wery luxury and contradicted the principles of Christiany.

1. Explain the following terms:

(a)justification by faith: Because the justification of being a Christian is realized by gestures, it doesn't serve saying that you have faith.

(b) indulgences: Another cause of scandals were the indulgences, doccuments inssued by the Pope to pardon sins for money.

(c) Papal bull:
Is the document that the pope gives to pardon sins.

(d) excommunicated:
When take away the powers if they have sins.

(e) heretic:
Is a person that deny some believe of the christian religion.

(f) clerical celibacy:
Is the pracrice in various religious traditions, in wich clergy adopt a celibate life, refraining frommarriage and sexual relationships.

2. Write briefly four important landmarks in the life of Martin Luther. Counter-reformation
The new doctrine is disseminated quickly in Jena is very popular due to its three monasteries. Luther often traveled to Jena to take part in debates and lectures on the ideas of the Reformation.

1. Why was the Council of Trent summoned?

Was a reform movement in the Catholic Church, created un 1545

2. Identify three conclusions reached at this Council.

Created new ways of spreanding catholicism

New religious orders were founded.

(c) Founded the society of Jesus

3. Name five countries in Europe where the Counter-Reformation was successful and one country
where it was not.

(a) Successful in:
Latin America, Asia, Africa, Germany and Low Countries.

(b) Unsuccessful in:

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Leonardo da Vinci

I think that Leonardo Da Vinci was a magnificent man and with a great intelligence, because in the times in which Leonardo was it was much more difficult to experience that now, because they didn't have so many means as we have today and besides he did not rely on always the support of the whole people, always there were someone who was opposed, but he was constant and he never retired. Besides she was an admirable person, not only for his intelligence, but for the great patience that leads to doing discoveries as big as that he did.