jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

The Benavente plan

The historical centre and the main streets: the square of the church of Santa Maria, la Mota and the streets of La Rúa, Los Herreros, square of La Madera. The most important street to hit the tawn is Los Carros.

Industrial areas and bussines districts: Ave. El Ferial, the main streets (La Rúa, Los Herreros) and the centre of Benavente.

Site features

Hill-foot: Is the point 3, because is sheltered, with flat land for building and farming.

Is the point 1, bacause is lower, more sheltered land between two hills.

Wet point:
Is the point 4, because is close to water in a dry area.

Is the point 2, because is on higher, dry area close to wet land e.g. marshes or flooding rivers.

Route Centre:
Is the point 5, because is focus of routes (e.g. roads) from surrounding area.