lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Doctors Without Borders

• Would you be prepared to work in one of them? Why? Why not?
Yes, bacause there is a lot of people that need help.

• What problems face most people in developing countries?

They haven't got any food and water, they've got some illnes, they haven't got a house to live, a little education...

• Would their situation be better if the birth rate fell? Why? Why not?

Yes, because if they are less person, the few goods will be easier to distribute into the poor people and there are more for person.

• Why do many people in Africa die before they are 40 years old?

Because his life is more difficult than in other countries, and they hardly support with the illnes, the poverty, they are unhealthy...

• Why is a child in an underdeveloped country more likely to die than a child in a developed one?

Because they work from an early age to contribute to family income and they have to support the illness.

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